Montreal Best Meals for Under $5

With the necessary exception of 99-cent pizza and peanut butter noodles, it’s tough to find a satisfying meal for cheap – and we mean very, very cheap – in this town. Still, there are a few oases for the frugal. Here, five of our favourite bites for less than five bucks.

Three-Bite Burger
The Damage: $2.25
Everything’s miniature at Patati Patata (pictured above), home to a dozen-odd seats and a tiny open kitchen. Indeed, the burger is small, but oh-so satisfying. Supplement with thin-cut fries or made-to-order salad, and you’re still good with a fiver. 4177 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-844-0216.

Mid-East Cheese
The Damage: $2.50
Lebanese takeout joint Al-Taib is home to endless delicious – and cheap – Middle Eastern treats. Our favourite is the cheese fatayer – a doughy, cheesy delight. 2125 Guy St., 514-931-1999.

Banh Mi Now!
The Damage: $2.50
Satisfaction comes cheap at Cao Thang – a spartan Chinatown joint that makes excellent French-style Vietnamese subs (banh mi) – pickled veggies, cilantro and meat on a baguette. Go meatball or go home. 1082 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-392-0097.

The Quebec Classic
The Damage: $4.99
You’re never far from La Belle Province, which means you’re never far from a supremely satisfying poutine. Supplement with steamies as necessary.

The Deli Delight
The Damage: $4.50
At Wilensky’s Light Lunch, a 78-year-old Mile End institution, you will obviously order “The Special” – a grilled sandwich of salami and bologna, always served with mustard. The best part: Tipping is forbidden. 34 Fairmount Ave. W., 514-271-0247.

Image courtesy of Ellie Dayan.

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