Toronto’s Best Indie Video Shops

No doubt, the independent video shop is a dying breed. It’s easier than ever before to avoid judgemental looks when you opt to spend your Saturday night with Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch. But is this a good thing? We say, support local businesses, and let snooty store clerks help inform your viewing choices. You’ll be a better man for it. As for Air Bud…you can borrow our box set anytime.

Queen Video opened its doors store nearly three decades ago, and since then, it’s amassed more than 75,000 titles, making it the world’s second biggest indie video store. Only San Francisco’s Le Video offers more. 480 Bloor St.; 688 College St.; 412 Queen St. W.; 416-504-3030.

Marquee Video is home to more than 5,000 rare titles, foreign flicks and docs. Sections are categorized by directors and even writers, and they have a dedicated Criterion Collection wall. They also also pull one heck of a fine espresso. 1037 College St., 416-532-5423.

Bay St. Video’s décor may be bland, but its catalogue – the largest in Toronto under one roof, meticulously organized in browser-friendly flip frames – is anything but. Join here and you’ll be in good company: Jimmy Fallon and Josh Brolin rent here, too. 1172 Bay St., 416-964-9088.

2Q Video offers a solid collection of Canadian film, but the shop’s strongest feature is its website, which allows members to search and reserve films online. 830 Bloor St W., 416-964-9088.

Black Dog Video, which started in Vancouver, complements its selection of docs and obscure foreign films with fresh-baked vegan delights and killer cappuccino courtesy of I Deal Coffee. Come for the 9,500 films; stay for the free wi-fi. 986 Queen St. W., 416-530-0006.

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6 thoughts on “Toronto’s Best Indie Video Shops”

  1. I also recommend “the little video shop” on baldwin street. They have one of the most extensive collections of foreign films I have ever been fortunate to come across. They are also very friendly and their recommendations never disappoint.

  2. You didn’t mention Videoflicks on Avenue Rd. They’ve go a good selection too and a relaxed atmosphere. They’re staff is patient and knowledgeable.

  3. You forgot the add the best video shop in town, especially to take a date to – the Little Video Shop on Baldwin St., Toronto. Its quaint, has a huge selection, cheap, the owner Leila really takes care of you, and they even play outdoor free movies on weekend nights.

  4. this article leaves out quite a few of the better indie video stores in our wonderful city. My personal favourite is The Little Video Shop on Baldwin. they have over 6000 films, and are willing to look for anything you may request if they don’t have it. PLUS they offer free popcorn, free outdoor movies, and you can buy gelato, frozen treats, and fairtrade organic coffee.

  5. Ouch.
    Unfortunately you forgot to mention a truly independent Toronto video shop. The Little Video Shop on Baldwin street. A shop that offers coffee, gelato, free fresh popcorn as you browse the shelves, and free outdoor nightly screenings. Not to mention the friendly service.
    I am uncertain what you consider an independent Toronto video shop. I am however certain that you do not accurately relay information to your readers. Unfortunate. I do applaud you for recognizing the need for independent video shops, but my rating to DailyXY is two thumbs down.

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