Montreal Summer Food Trucks

If you’re looking for a classic dining experience, Montreal has some extraordinary options, but recently there’s been a shift in trends toward bringing fine dining into the streets. Known for being a hedonistic destination, it comes as a surprise that a 1947 law prohibits the sale of street food in the city to this day.

Fortunately, City Hall is reviewing the errors of their past and hopes to propose a new law this coming autumn. For foodies unable to wait ‘til then, the city created a small-yet-succulent loophole: First Fridays. Food vendors are technically allowed to feed hungry tourists at many of Montreal’s summer festivals. The solution? Invent a festival centered around food trucks themselves.

On the first of every month from June to August, the city allows a network of trucks to set up shop in Parc Olympique. Yes, that means this Friday is the last event of the summer. It starts at 4 p.m. sharp, and heads up: the lines are tedious and the food is limited. If you’re looking to have a little bit of everything, aim to be there on time.

While a these mobile restaurants can be found at other events this season — Piknik Electronik and Just for Laughs — roping them together in one spot has its perks. Namely, gorging ourselves on a meal from each vendor. Let’s get to know some of the highlights:

Grumman ’78
No surprise for anyone familiar with Montreal’s culinary scene. Since 2010, Grumman has reigned champion over on-the-go finger food: curried lamb tacos, pork bahn-mi or feta for vegetarians.

Lucky’s Truck
The newcomer must have a dash of beginner’s luck hidden somewhere inside these sandwiches: lobster or duck confit, with a side of sweet potato fries.

Pas d’Conchon
Hits the ball out of the park with a clever pulled turkey sandwich, side of grilled asparagus fries and a tiny, icing-filled treat.

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Image by Charles Deluvio.

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