Montreal’s Best Chocolate Shops

It’s science: The nicer the weather, the more you drink, the more time you will inevitably spend groveling to your girlfriend. But this summer, when you beg for forgiveness for coming home at the crack of dawn, or snoring like a beast, or barfing in her parents’ pool, you’ll be armed with something sure to make her forget your wrongs as fast as Forrest Gump could run the length of a football field: A box of expensive chocolates. Here’s where to get them.

Juliette et Chocolat’s intense brownie is hard to pass up, but so is booze, so try the Chocolate Ruby for a change: liquid dark chocolate with a shot of port and scoop of raspberry sorbet. $10.35, various locations.

Mademoiselle Gabrielle Crémerie Chocolaterie invites you to sink your teeth into rich cocoa steeped in such deceptively delicate flavours as pear and cardamom. $1 per piece, 6220 St. Hubert St., 514-759-7878.

Geneviève Granbois is strictly top-shelf, so why not reach right for the adventurous “Chuao Collection,” Venezuelan chocolates flavoured with cigar leaves, balsamic vinegar or white truffle oil. $3.75 per piece, various locations.

Suite 88, aka “the Jeweller of Chocolate,” encases rich ganaches in milk, dark or white chocolate domes, all derived from fine European cocoa – try a milk shell with mocha coffee filling. $2.45 per piece, various locations.

Les Chocolats de Chloé only serves hot chocolate in winter, but you can buy your own, blended with either spices or fresh vanilla, to enjoy all year round. $16, 546 Duluth St. E., 514-849-5550.

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  1. Hello,
    You should also try Briimstone chocolats & fudge in NDG on SHerbrooke west – they make amazing treats and some very exotic items – this is one of mine and my wifes favourite places .

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