Montreal’s Best Hot Chocolate

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but that stuff your mother used to make with boiling water, chocolate-flavoured powder and marshmallows was not hot chocolate. Redeem yourself (and her) with one of Montreal’s finest mugs of the sweet hot stuff.

Juliette et Chocolat
Juliette et Chocolat’s hot chocolate menu ­– inarguably the most extensive in town – boasts a half-dozen thick, bold “dark vintages,” as well as a handful of sweeter, milkier varieties. The kicker: four alcoholic concoctions. We recommend the Choco-mojito. Multiple locations.

Au Festin de Babette
At Babette, more is more. To wit: the Babette, a blend of chocolate, cinnamon, cardamom and fresh ginger. 4085 St. Denis St., 514-849-0214.

La Maison Cakao
This humble shop just east of the Plateau only offers one basic formula, but the combination of whole milk and rich chocolate served up at under three dollars pleases the tastebuds and the wallet. 5090 Fabre St., 514-598-2462.

This suggestion may not be original, but it’s honest: for hot cocoa made from the real stuff, Godiva’s selection of rich dark and milk chocolate powders to take home are peerless. Ogilvy Shopping Centre, 1307 St. Catherine St. W., 514-849-4789.

Suite 88
This modern, upscale boutique offers dark, milk and white chocolate options, as well as an “Intense” menu, comprising thicker and stronger recipes, with flavors of pumpkin, sea salt and others. 3957 St. Denis St., 514-844-3488; 1225 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W., 514-284-3488.

Image courtesy of stephbond.

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