Pseudoscience: Tragically Hype

For most of us, exposure to the expansive world of pseudoscience comes in the form of satirical skepticism, with global homeopathy overdose events and million-dollar offers for proof of the paranormal at one extreme, and at the other, ubiquitous, less-than-believable horoscopes. What we often fail to recognize is the inspiration … Read More

The Best Digital Cameras (for Under $500)

Capturing life’s most precious moments  – or simply creating a means to recall what you’ll inevitably later forget – doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here’s how to shoot everything from bachelor party to wedding to post-divorce retreat (once those bachelor party shots have surfaced): The best digital cameras for under … Read More

Valentine’s Day Getaways Near Montreal

There’s nothing like the mid-winter urban blues to kill the mood. This Valentine’s Day, trade the city’s grey slush for the pure white fluffy stuff. Here, the best out-of-town spots for a romantic getaway with your better half. Fiddler Lake Resort Ski-lovers can cozy up in a personal cabin (from … Read More

Top Montreal Haircuts for Guys: New School

Recently, we gave you a list of recommended Montreal old-school barbers; this week, we take things into the present with a look at the city’s finest salons, stylists and dens of metrosexual delights. MANN They may not be all that manly, MANN, but man they certainly go beyond the haircut. … Read More

Top Montreal Haircuts for Guys: Old School

When it comes to haircuts, it’s sometimes best to keep things simple. Browse some vintage Playboys while you wait. Then, the usual cut. Just make it look neat. Twenty minutes, in-and-out. No lollipop required at the exit, but they’re there, anyhow. Here, our list of Montreal’s top old-school barbershops. To … Read More

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