Montreal’s Best Wi-Fi Spots

Your home office is great: You’ve got a TV, a fridge, a bed and, of course, all the delights the internet has to offer. Which is exactly why you need to get out of the house sometimes. Join the officeless revolution and plug in at one of these spots, our favourite out-of-home work spots, complete with free Wi-Fi.

Café Pi
With its striking red, black and white chess motif and rich aroma of fair trade coffee, Café Pi is aesthetically busy, but its mood is calm and conducive to work. 4127 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-286-4828.

It’s a restaurant, it’s a bar, it’s a lounge where DJs play laid back beats and pretty people congregate to chat and work. From breakfast to dessert to drunk o’clock, this versatile joint is always busy but never packed. 4040 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-842-8088.

This cozy daytime café and nighttime lounge bar encourages hookah smoking. You won’t know what fruity fumes will do for your productivity until you try it. 1429A Bishop St., 514-904-6969.

KG Delices
With candy machines, colourful decor and an array of cakes and coffees, KG Delices will keep you bug-eyed and productive well past quitting time. 5206 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-277-5039.

Saint Sulpice
If students, booze and pub grub put you in the zone, this charming three-storey bar is the place to lay your laptop – just beware of spillage. 1680 St. Denis St., 514-844-9458?.

Le Depanneur Café
Get busy over breakfast or lunch at this quaint, friendly enclave, where folk musicians sporadically complete the bohemian scene with brief sets of live background music. 206 Bernard St. W., (514) 271-9357.

Help us create a map of Montreal’s top Wi-Fi enabled makeshift offices. Where is your favourite office away from home? Tell us by commenting on this story.

Image courtesy of Premshree Pilliai on Flickr.


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