Montreal’s Burger Week

Montreal’s Burger Week was a long time coming — so long that over thirty restaurants eagerly signed up to compete for the title of The People’s Best Burger.

From upper-class eateries to your neighbourhood dive, the city offers burger aficionados their first opportunity to have their voices heard, tallied and, finally, branded on one lucky meal. The event runs from September 1- 7, so create an account on the Burger Week website and get eating.

It has to be said that, while competitive in nature, the weeklong festivities are in good humour. Instead of pitting M:brgr (pictured) against the Typhoon Loungers, the event draws players’ attention to what a good burger truly is, what it could be, and how restaurants are distinguishing their star performers as special dishes.

This week, it won’t just be the taste. Who’s tracked down artisanal buns? Who’s cooking with local produce? Who thinks a patty can be replaced with foie gras?

Let’s quickly break down how it works. Visit a participating restaurant, eat the damn thing, ask for an official voting card, use your mobile device to scan the QR code, and vote. Participating isn’t just about getting your opinion heard; every time you vote, you gain points that earn you prizes (from burger vouchers to iPhone cases).

The restaurants are split into three categories: five bucks, ten bucks and fifteen (!) It’s your call on what price point you want to venture into — they’ve all answered the challenge to give you the best burger they can cook up.

The Must Eats at Every Price

Comptoir 21
Stunning fish burger, deep-fried on the outside, flaky on the inside. $5

Le Local
Canadian bison, Merguez sausage, cheese curds, cheddar, sauerkraut and a faultless patio to enjoy it on. $10

Diablos Smoke House BBQ
Beef, bacon, provolone, in-house ketchup — deep-fried. $15

Image courtesy of TMAB2003.

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