Montreal’s Most Deliciously Fattening Dishes

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Quebec’s unique combination of fat-loving French cuisine with the comfort-craving chill of winter means that the birthplace of the poutine has yielded a more than its fair share of outrageously fattening dishes. Here, some of the finest (and fattest) in Montreal.

Poutine au Foie Gras: Au Pied du Cochon (pictured above)
Martin Picard’s renowned restaurant is a foie gras mecca. Though much of his menu merits mention here, his addition of foie gras to fries, gravy and cheese cannot be out-fatted. 536 Duluth St. E., 514-281-1114.

Oreilles De Crisse: Sugar Shacks
Come spring, cabanes à sucre will pop up as maple syrup producers tap their trees. Join the celebration by consuming sugar pies and various pork products, including oreilles de crisse – not literally Christ’s ears, but actually fried, salted pig jowls, luxuriously bathed in maple syrup. Various locations.

Lobster Spaghetti in Cream Sauce with Lardons: Joe Beef
Little Burgundy’s finest restaurant never shies away from rich dishes, but this triple threat of fatty goodness – complete with lardons, the Cadillac of bacons – is a crowd-pleasing heart-stopper. 2491 Notre Dame West, 514-935-6504.

The Fat Sandwich: Schwartz’s
Schwartz’ smoked meat sandwiches have been clogging the arteries of Montrealers for decades. To kick it up a notch, ask for the fat sandwich and they’ll serve you up slices from the briskets’ fat caps. 3895 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-842-4813.

Chocolate Donuts: The Sparrow
Sure, chocolate donuts are common, but these bite-sized sugar bombs are a step beyond. Eating more than one puts you at serious risk of insta-betes. 5322 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-690-3964.

Image courtesy of Kev Walsh.

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