Let’s Talk About Ex, Baby

Nothing throws a wrench in a date like a run-in with your ex – or hers. Here’s how to minimize the inevitable awkwardness:

If she’s your ex:
Approach her solo.
If you’re at a party or a bar, go up to your ex alone. It’ll be far less uncomfortable for all parties if you can chat with your ex without her and your new squeeze scrutinizing one another. You’ll also avoid intimidating the ex, and if you play it right, you’ll convey maturity to your girlfriend. Just don’t linger – and don’t touch.
Keep it neutral.
If the couple run-in cannot be avoided, be sure to introduce the two women first. Keep the conversation focused on neutral topics. The more specific or personal your questions, the more likely you are to make everyone uncomfortable.
Keep it quick.
Nobody’s listening, and nobody wants to be there. Be polite, but be brief. Escape as quickly as possible.

If he’s her ex:
Keep quiet. There’s bound to be mutual jealousy, sizing up and the always-strange you-used-to-have-sex-now-we-do phenomenon between you and him. Look pretty, smile and let her take the conversational reins. This is not the time to turn on your charm.
Be a gentleman.
Be quiet, not cowardly. Shake his hand firmly and make eye contact. Be friendly, and show your girlfriend that you’re confident in her feelings for you; it’s a definite turn-on. Which means that after you say, “Nice to meet you,” you can take her home and remind her why she chose you.

image courtesy of Heather Lucille on flickr

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