Montreal’s Top 10 Poutines

Fries. Gravy. Cheese curds. You know it well. But do we know it better? Here’s our top 10 list for Montreal. Let us know if you disagree by commenting on this story.

1. Maamm Bolduc offers variety, but the poutine de résistance is the bourguignonne (beef, onions, mushrooms, wine and garlic). $7.50. 4351 De Lorimier Ave., 514-527-3884

2. La Banquise’s monstrous Kamikaze (Merguez sausages, hot peppers and tabasco) can fill your belly – and arteries – 24 hours a day. Plus, what other poutinerie has inspired a song? $8.15. 994 Rachel St. E., 514-525-2415

3. Burgundy Lion represents with the English poutine: a Stilton and white-gravy-drenched masterpiece. $11. 2496 Notre Dame St. W., 514-934-0888

4. Chez Claudette makes poutine healthy…in spirit. The vegetarian poutine comes with peas, peppers and onions. $8.05. 351 Laurier Ave. E., 514-279-5173

5. Frites Alors combines great Belgian frites with steak, onions and mushrooms in the Eau à la Bush. $9.25.

6. Au Pied de Cochon takes poutine indulgence up a notch with pork-based gravy – and foie gras. $23. 536 Duluth Ave. E., 514-281-1114

7. Garde Manger gives PDC a run for its money with lobster gravy and chunks of fine crustacean flesh. $21. 408 St. Francois Xavier St., 514-678-5044

8. Patati Patata may use gravy from a mix, but the fries are unbeatable – and the patatine poutine, topped with veggies, is a triumph. $4. 4177 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-844-0216

9. Paul Patate has been perfecting classic, tangy poutine for a half-century. $6.15, 2606 De Coleraine St., 514-937-2751

10. La Québécoise serves the standard casse-croûte poutine with fresh curds, peppery gravy and sublime sliced chicken. $6.40. 3520 Ontario St. E., 514-526-0202

Image courtesy of Danielle Scott.


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