Montreal’s Top 10 Tacos

Authentic Mexican taquerias are all over Montreal – and we’re not talking about that Taco Bell on the West Island. Here, the city’s top 10 tacos.

1. Amaranto’s nopales includes soft chunks of cactus, Oaxaca cheese, with black beans and pico de gallo on the side. $7.50. 5974 Monkland Ave., 514-510-1225.

2. Coin du Mexique’s soft-shelled tacos peak with the al pastor: marinated pork topped with salsa, pineapple, onions, cilantro and lime juice. $7. 2474 Jean-Talon St. E., 514-374-7448.

3. El Rey del Taco is Montreal’s only taqueria to serve tacos de cabeza, aka beef head. $7. 234 Jean Talon St. E., 514-814-3813.

4. Aquetzalli, formerly Los Clasicos, serves the bisteck con queso quartet, in which morsels of steak are covered with luscious melted cheese. $12.75. 4561 St. Laurent Blvd.

5. La Guadalupe Mexicaine compensates for slow service with the wait-worthy deluxe biftheque tacos. $15.50. 2345 Ontario E., 514-523-3262.

6. Limon may be an upscale supper club, but its soft-shell chorizo tacos are road-stand authentic. $12. 2472 Notre Dame St. W., 514-509-1237.

7. Maria Bonita nails it with homemade corn tortillas appetizers, stuffed with sautéed mushrooms, epazote or cheese. $4.50. 5269 Casgrain Ave., 514-807-4377.

8. La Matraca specializes in the suadero for clarity lime-marinated beef, topped with salsa. $6. 4607 St. Denis St., 514-285-0777.

9. Mesa 14 invites you to build your own tacos. Start with fresh white fish from Baja, California. $11.50. 1425 Bishop St., 514-284-0344.

10. Mesa Latina makes some mean tacos dores with chicken as part of a well-priced table d’hôte. $12. 2047 Richardson St., 514-937-2060.

Image courtesy of ginnerobot.

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