Montreal’s Top Cooking Classes

There’s a risk associated with giving your lady the gift of cooking lessons, but if you tag along, she’ll be far less likely to question your motives. And the upsides are just as great. Here, Montreal’s best cooking schools.

Ateliers & Saveurs
This Old Montreal establishment keeps the atmosphere playful and the students fed with post-class take-out. One-off workshops in the coming weeks focus on beef bourguignon, three-tomato risotto, duck tartines, cupcakes, and cocktails and macaroons (together at last!). $20 – $75. 444 St. François-Xavier St., 514-849-2866.

Academie Culinaire
The Academy offers Christmas classes, offering gourmet takes on seasonal classics. Through winter, they offer English-languages courses in bread-baking, BBQ, Italian, Thai, sauces and basic cooking. $80-$840. 360 Champ de Mars St., 1-877-393-8111.

La Guilde Culinaire
This French-language school offers both conventional cooking classes – fusion, health, world/exotic, dessert or gourmet – and preparation classes, in which students learn to prepare eight to 12 dishes in 90 minutes. $110 – $130. 6381 St. Laurent Blvd., 514-750-6050.

Cuisine Masala
Specializing in healthy cooking from the north of India, Ilyas Mirza conducts classes in his Griffintown restaurant. Each weekly or one-off class is followed by a delicious Masala meal. $49 – $250. 995 Wellington St., 514-287-7455.

Culinary Journey to India
Cash & Curry chef/caterer and comedian Ali Hassan leads three-part workshops (demo, practical, dinner party) in Indian cuisine, focusing on vegetarian eats, hors d’oeuvres, real curry, breads and a general Indian cooking primer, including a grocery store field trip. $40 – $75. 68 Duluth St. E., 514-284-5696.

Image courtesy of Chris Heuer.

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