The New Campari Calendar

Pictured: French model and actress Eva Green, whom you’ve just seen in Sin City 2.

The occasion? Campari’s 2015 calendar, entitled ‘Mixology Mythology’. We aren’t exactly sure what it will entail, but the majority of what people say about the history of cocktails is hearsay, so they have plenty of material with which to work.

It’s a solid bet, though, that the new calendar will feature a bunch of sweet cocktails, much like last year’s. Our favourite has been the Negroni Sbagliato. Although, it’s a bit unfair to choose now, given that we have three more to go.

It’s also a solid bet that the new calendar will feature a collection of stunning photography, again, much like last years. Seriously, have you seen our gallery of Uma Thurman drinking Campari?

And once again, we find ourselves saying “We’ll drink to that.”

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