Fruit Beer

My first adventure with fruit beer was about 5 years ago while lost in rural northern England. It involved a Peugot, 8% alc. Damson (plum) Beer, a flock of sheep and a romantic hillside (not necessarily in that order). I can’t remember for the life of me who the brewer … Read More

The Beers of Summer

With the May long weekend here, we’re officially into Canada’s second season: Patio, when a young man’s fancy turns to searing animal flesh. When pretty much anything that at one point grew out of the ground or walked on four legs goes on the grill. But you’ve probably noticed your … Read More

Lesson 3 – Putting the “e” in “Whiskey”

It’s well known that the Irish and Scots both like their whiskies. But the difference between Irish “whiskey” and Scotch “whisky” goes well beyond the use of the “e”. Herewith, laddies, we explain the other differences you should know about. Irish whisk(e)y has been around longer than any other distilled … Read More

Water From the Lake (Ontario)

While customers at Edward Levesque’s Kitchen in Leslieville ponder the menu, restaurateur Levesque makes his signature introduction: “Would you like San Peligrino, Evian — or Lake Ontario Water?” Levesque is onto something: “Bottled water is the biggest scam,” he tells XYYZ, “and customers know it. Big business makes millions of … Read More

Lesson 2: Single Malts & Blends

There are five types of Scotch whisky, each of whose names bespeak their natures: 1. Single malt whisky is made from malted barley by one distiller. No other grains or cereals are mixed in. ‘Malt’ refers to a grain, which has soaked in water and germinated. You’ll find over 100 … Read More

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