More Unique Dates

Today we present the third in our series on alternatives to the dinner-and-a-show standard. Regardless of whether you’re single or attached, creative date-planning lets your date know that you’re imaginative and thoughtful. Panoramic and Perverse (Yorkville and The Annex): Dress up and head for dinner high in the sky at … Read More

More Recipes to Get You Laid

On Indian Summer evenings, stick to the BBQ. This BBQ lamb recipe is a gem – the difficult de-boning procedure is done by your butcher – and the result is a corker. The anchovies and garlic melt into the lamb enhancing its flavour greatly, and, no, it doesn’t taste fishy … Read More

Chinese with an Indian Twist

Toronto, in all its multicultural glory, can also boast of the most interesting multiethnic variations on ethnic food. Fans of Chinese and Indian food may already have heard of Indian Hakka cooking. The Hakka of China, part of the Chinese diaspora, migrated to coastal cities in the Caribbean, Africa, and … Read More

Recipes to Get You Laid

Salade Nicoise, a summer classic from the south of France, has a thousand permutations but after much experimentation this is our favourite. And despite its simplicity, we think it’s guaranteed to impress her. Tuna Two 6 oz inch-thick Tuna Steaks (only buy line-caught from a reputable fishmonger like Avenue Seafood, … Read More

Fruit Beer

My first adventure with fruit beer was about 5 years ago while lost in rural northern England. It involved a Peugot, 8% alc. Damson (plum) Beer, a flock of sheep and a romantic hillside (not necessarily in that order). I can’t remember for the life of me who the brewer … Read More

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