Review: All-Clad BBQ Tool Set

Buy cheap, buy twice. That’s our motto, anyway.

That’s also why we won’t buy barbecue tools (or any tools, really) from the discount shelf. If you share that mentality, check out the new BBQ tool set from All-Clad ($200). It comes with a turner, a brush, a fork, and locking tongs, each forged from high-strength stainless steel. They come in a metal case, which is handy, because if we have a second motto, it’s “always take care of your tools”.

The best thing about these tools (aside from their craftsmanship) is their length. The handles of each of the tools is over twelve inches, which lets you cover even the largest grill.

Oh, and if you somehow haven’t bought your dad anything for father’s day, take a look here and see where you can pick up your own tool set.

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