Review: Angel’s Cup

Some people buy the same roast, day in and day out, and that’s fine. Personally, I don’t understand that. I like new things. A lot of new things. Preferably, with someone else arranging the new things to be sent to my mailbox.

You know where this is going. Box of the month clubs are huge right now, but Angel’s Cup is a little bit more.

First, the nuts and bolts. You get coffee in the mail. Small samples or large. Whole bean, coarse grind, or fine grind. Weekly, bimonthly, or monthly. So far, pretty normal, right?

Here’s the rub. There are hundreds of possible coffees for them to send you, and your samples come numbered. The idea is for you to taste your coffee blind—no expectations or anything. Then, you can download their app and compare your notes with other users or the roastmaster at Angel’s Cup. But if all that sounds tedious to you, there is a little cheat sheet in the package. But honestly, the app is pretty fun.

Oh, and of course, when you find something you really like, you can order more.

You can start your subscription for as little as $9 (small samples, monthly, etc). The app provides all the support you could want (instructions, tasting notes, FAQs). The coffee arrives on your doorstep in a couple of days. Pretty much all you need to do is make the coffee.

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