Review: Cookina Reusable Baking Sheets

Throwing down a baking sheet is a pretty solid way to avoid the inevitable mess you get from melted cheese, burned fat, runny chocolate, and a host of other deliciousness you don’t want on your pans. But that method ends up created a lot of waxed paper in the garbage. We went through two boxes of the stuff at our last Super Bowl party. Budget for waxed paper? That’s bullshit.

That’s also why we went with a Cookina reusable baking sheet ($13).

What We Like

Reusable, duh. We don’t like throwing stuff away.

Dozens of uses. Say you wanted to do this fish poached in an envelope by Gordon Ramsey (with bonus Norm MacDonald screwing it up). You could absolutely use this cooking sheet for that.

Dishwasher safe. Or just warm, soapy water. No special instructions.

It can handle heat. Up to 550°F (or 288°C). Basically, you can use it in any oven. Just not the barbecue.

Non-stick. So no spray-able canola oil for you!

What We Don’t

It’s lame that we’re talking about cooking sheets. Sadly, not every product we talk about can be hot tub boat. But lame is practical!

The Bottom Line

Buy one of these things and throw away less wax paper, parchment paper, and aluminium foil. Pretty straightforward stuff.

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