Review: MunchPak

Have we ever mentioned how much we love box-of-the-month clubs? Well, now there’s one devoted to candy and snacks, and damn if it isn’t delicious. We’re talking about MunchPak, which starts at $10 a month and delivers treats from around the world to your doorstep.

What We Like

The cross culture factor. When you get treats from around the world, it means there’s some Korean chocolate cookie stick things with chilli flavour corn chips from Mexico. Or koala shaped biscuits with green tea filling from Japan with beef and onion flavoured chips from the UK. It’s pretty cool.

Candy at your friggin’ doorstep. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Different sizes. The mini comes with five snacks, the original with ten, and the family pack with twenty.

Customisability. Like gummy candy? Or chips? Or sour-flavoured stuff? You can choose different variables for a dollar.

Buy more snacks online. Your MunchPak came with some kind of caramel coconut bar that you’ve become addicted to but can’t for the life of you find elsewhere? Well, MunchPak sells their snacks individually in their online store.

What We Don’t

No pop. We assume that pop is a barrier to shipping costs. You can, however, add a coffee or tea beverage for an extra five bucks.

The allergy thing. You knew this was coming. Sadly, if you have a severe peanut allergy or something like that, this box probably isn’t for you.

The Bottom Line

Snacks in the mail? Yes please.

Full disclosure: we used a picture from MunchPak’s instagram for this article because we couldn’t take our own, and we couldn’t take our own because we ate the whole thing like, right away.

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