Save the Deli!

Corned beef. Pastrami. Brisket. Matzo balls. Knishes. Mustard and rye. In the new book Save the Deli, DailyXY contributor David Sax. Sax goes deep into the world of the Jewish deli, exploring its history and characters, its greatest triumphs, spectacular failures, and ultimately the very future of its existence.


Next week, we’ll be launching maps of the top delis in both Toronto and Montreal, complete with commentary from the deli maven himself, Mr. Sax. To enter for your chance to win a copy of the book, simply post a comment below, telling us about your favourite deli, and you’ll be entered to win.

Image courtesy of Robin Sharp.


4 thoughts on “Save the Deli!”

  1. As a new transplant to Montreal I do have to give Kudos to Schwartz’s. They have a line out the door, common tables (be prepared to hear your neighbour’s conversation), great smoked meat plates and service designed to get you in and out as efficiently as possible.

    And good pickles. Can’t forget the pickles.

  2. I remember going to the old Shopsy’s on Spadina with my dad. The saw dust on the floor. The bustle behind the counter and the aroma of old world cooking wafting through the joint. Politicians, businessmen, celebrities and ordinary Torontonians would visit the place. You never knew who you would run into.

  3. Read this a bit too late. We were having Thali and Crush while you were noshing on smoked meat and Mill Street! Wow!

    I’d have to say my favourite deli is Katz’s. It’s convenient (for me) and has such yummy food!

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