Sponsored: Cinco de Mayo Three Ways

Fun fact about Cinco de Mayo—it isn’t, as some people think, Mexican Independence Day (that’s September fifteenth). Actually, this celebration of Mexican culture commemorates a battle won in Puebla on May 5, 1862, over invading French forces. Now go forth and tear it up at trivia night!

As you’re probably aware, as a stylish man about town, there’s no smoother date night move than making her dinner. Since you probably have a few sure fire recipes in your repertoire, up your A game by making date night Cinco de Mayo themed. What does that entail? Make her a chocolate and tequila dessert, which, incidentally pairs well with a tequila cocktail.

Handy thing about dessert—you can do it the day before. And, if you mess it up, not a problem—you have time to get it right. The dessert we have in mind is a chocolate tequila torte, for the following reasons: everyone loves chocolate, and cooking with tequila makes everything taste better.

Now, for a cocktail to go with that torte, you have a couple of choices. Actually, your date has a couple of choices. If she likes apricot and raspberry, go with a sol roja cocktail. If she likes lime and agave, go with a smokestack lightning.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver is available from the LCBO. For more tequilas, cocktails, and recipes, visit Tequila: Spirit of Mexico.

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Photo courtesy of Mark Mitchell

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