Sponsored: Drink in Style with the LCBO’s Premium Spirits

The LCBO’s Premium Spirits collection makes it easy to elevate classic cocktails to the sublime. Thanks to the exquisite, barrel-aged Plantation Barbados 20th Anniversary, for example, rum need not be something you merely mix with Coke; it can be an experience in and of itself, a delight to be savoured. Martinis, similarly, get a heck of a lot more interesting when you throw a splash of Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur into the mix. But is your drinking experience as refined as your drinks? Here, the pieces you need to ensure that your home bar is as refined as your cocktails.

The Custom Bar
You could spend your summer working on that perfect home bar you’ve always wanted – or you could just get the experts at the Bar Store to do it. Creative direct the process, picking materials, shape, size and more, as father-son team Bill and Steve Humphries build something that even your wife will love.

The Vintage Cocktail Shaker
A stainless steel cocktail shaker is more than adequate, but to really impress track down a vintage edition with some history to it. My we recommend an art deco number in sterling silver?

The Comfy Bar Stool
Say what you will about designer Philippe Starck; the man knows how to turn heads. But his Kong Bar Stools serve a dual purpose, filling your friends with envy while also giving them a very comfortable place to sit.

Image courtesy of ldanderson.

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