Sponsored: Simplify Your Life with MOTORBLUR

Life can get complicated. Lucky for you, the new generation of MOTOBLUR devices from Motorola has arrived, they are only going to make your life simpler. Incorporating all sorts of simple but brilliant features, these puppies are putting the smart back in smart phone. Here, a couple unlikely – but conceivable – situations in which a MOTOBLUR smartphone would save your skin.

Scenario 1: Brazenly, you accept a dare to tightrope walk between two downtown skyscrapers. The night before the walk, you meet a beautiful Swedish girl and regale her with tales of your future adventure. You leave with her phone number. The next day, as you stroll across the Canyon, you momentarily lose your footing, grabbing firmly onto the rope as you fall past it. You shimmy your way to safety, but your phone is not so lucky: It plunges to its death.
MOTOBLUR moment: Your phone may be toast but the number is not: Your MOTOBLUR phone syncs your contacts – and tons of other info – automatically with your computer. Stockholm, here you come.

Scenario 2: While on business in Chicago, you wind up at the same bar as the entire Blackhawks team. On the night of their Stanley Cup victory. If you don’t post an update on your hockey pool message board right now, it might as well not have happened.
MOTORBLUR moment: With the QUENCH smartphone, you can view websites that don’t show up clearly on other phones, so you can navigate to your pool homepage and let the bragging begin.

Image courtesy of image munky.

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