The Best Coffee in YYZ

Say what you will about Tim Horton’s coffee; the shops themselves have about as much ambience as a highway rest stop. It’s that rare combination of killer coffee and inviting ambiance that makes for a truly great coffee shop. Herewith, our picks for the best in town.

Balzac’s Cafe
Located in the Distillery District’s old pump house, this shop is as romantic as its French novelist namesake. Soak up the old-world vibe while sipping a cup of house brand fair trade roast beneath the vaulting ceilings. 55 Mill St., Bldg. 60, (416) 207-1709.

Bulldog Coffee
Tucked away on a side street just off Church, this cozy, laid-back shop offers brews with a powerful punch, aesthetically enhanced by their “latte art.” 89 Granby St.

Alternative Grounds
Before the Alternative Grounds name became trademarked and marketed to the socially conscious set, this neighbourhood fixture was the chief supplier of fair trade brew in Roncesvalles. 333 Roncesvalles Ave., (416) 534-5543.

Dark Horse Espresso Bar
As Queen East becomes the new Queen West, Dark Horse is establishing itself as a community hub. Enjoy a French press coffee at the massive communal table. 682 Queen St. E., (647) 436-3460.

Manic Coffee
Struggling musicians arrive alongside stroller-pushing MILFs, as savvy customers know that the muffins here can sell out early. But the real star here is the coffee, and the Americanos are worth the trip alone. 426 College St., (416) 966-3888.

Image courtesy of Poyang on Flickr.

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