The Bob’s Burgers Burger of the Day Blog

Meet the Bob’s Burger Experiment. It’s one of the best blogs we’ve ever seen. Why? Well, they aim to recreate every burger of the day featured on the amazing TV show Bob’s Burgers, and guess what? They do an awesome job. Take a look at that Blondes Have More Fun-gus Burger (from a recent episode, “Tina Tailor Soldier Spy”). And get this: some of the burgers they figure out are pretty amazing. So far, we’ve tried the Sound and the Curry Burger and the Bet It All on Black Garlic Burger, and they’ve both been pretty great. And one final piece of good news: they’re doing a cookbook. A date for release hasn’t been set yet, but if you can’t wait (like us), head on over to their blog and get cookin’. And when the book finally comes out, we’ll be sure to review it.

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