The Guy Can Cook

Simple, no-fail recipes is what you get in The Guy Can’t Cook by Cinda Chavich. This cookbook will have you mixing and matching recipes, hosting anything from a brunch party to dim sum, and making Christmas Eve dinner. Here are just a couple of ideas to tantalize the taste buds without genuine skills or profound culinary knowledge.

Dinner in an hour

Smoky BBQ Ribs (pg. 445): “This is the time to lay out the big coin for baby back ribs,” notes Cavich. Her recipe demands you fire up your barbecue. No, that’s not the best part. The recipe’s requirement for only two ingredients is: the best ribs you can afford and BBQ sauce. Live dangerously and forgo your special sauce by whipping up a batch of Cavich’s secret sauce (pg. 444), made with Coca Cola, chipotle chili, onion, garlic, ginger, and few other key elements… sorry – our lawyer said if we told you the rest, it would be plagiarism.

Dinner in 20 minutes

She teaches you how to make pies from scratch but, to save time, Cavich offers this tip: pick up a few frozen pies from your local pie maker. Throw them in the oven and serve alongside her Caesar salad made from scratch (pg. 235) instead. Brilliant!Cavich’s book opens the door for a guy looking to learn his way around the kitchen, now step through it. Grab a copy the next time you’re cruising the aisles of Chapters, make it the conversation starter with that girl with the big glasses in the fiction section.

Then, invite her to dinner.

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