The Ice Baller

When would you need a large ball of ice? Say you like your Scotch cold, but not watered down, which entirely reasonable if you like peatier single-malts or Scotch-based cocktails. After all, a large ice ball melts slower than an ice cube, since it has less surface area by volume than a cube. That’s when an ice baller comes in handy.

That said, the guys from Wintersmiths weren’t happy with the ice ballers on the market. Cheap ones make cloudy ice, and expensive ones used in bars can cost over a grand. So they made their own. Meet the Ice Baller ($70). Here’s how it works: you fill it and freeze it. No muss, no fuss. Also, given that they’re asking for $20,000 from Kickstarter but received $100,000, with ten days left to go, no less, it seems like an awful lot of people out there care about quality booze-ice as much as we do.

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