The Summer Gin Roundup

Exquisite in a martini but sublime with tonic, gin is our summer spirit of choice. Indeed, the G&T is not only the world’s greatest quencher of thirst; it’s also the quintessential gentleman’s drink – simple and timelessly elegant. But which gin to drink? Here’s a roundup of our favourites.

The ultimate summer gin, Hendrick’s is distilled in Girvan, Scotland with cucumber and Bulgarian rose for a crisp, fresh flavour. Plus, it comes in a handsome, apothecary-style bottle.
Drink it: With tonic and a slice of cucumber, while wearing seersucker.

The world’s most iconic gin brand, created by Alexander Gordon in 1769, and still made using the same triple distillation technique. The key to its distinctive taste is the presence of angelica root and the strength of the juniper berries used. Awesomely, only 12 living people know the ingredients to the recipe.
Drink it: With tonic and lime, or in a dirty martini.

Invented by Charles Tanqueray in the 1830, this British gin, which is distilled four times, uses Tuscan juniper berries and a secret blend of botanicals. The gentleman’s gin of choice.
Drink it: In a signature Rangpur Ginger: Gin, ginger ale, two drops of bitters, and ice.

Old Raj
Distilled by the makers of premium single malt scotch in Scotland, Old Raj can be tough to track down, but it’s worthy of an honourable mention. Crocus flower gives this aromatic gin a subtle spiciness, while saffron accounts for its slight golden tinge.
Drink it: On the rocks.

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5 thoughts on “The Summer Gin Roundup”

  1. Dorothy Park was once quoted as saying:

    I love a martini, but only one,
    Two at the very most.
    Three, I’m under the table,
    Four the host….

  2. A glass of gin and tonic with lime wipes out a beer induced
    headache and also seems to sober me up quite alot. It’s my
    magic cure.

  3. All this talk of aromas and juniper flavours, and yet all you can buy at the LCBO is dry gin. There is more to gin than dry. Old-style Dutch gin is where it began and it’s still awesome. Very flavourful. Sip it ice-cold with a nice light beer chaser. Nothing better on a hot summer day.

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