Toronto’s Best Loaves of Bread

Man cannot live on bread alone, but a taste of these loaves and he might be tempted to try. Here, some of Toronto’s finest slices.

Cob’s Bread: Cape Seed Loaf
Few loaves are as hearty – or delicious – as Cob’s Cape Seed loaf, named after Cape Town, South Africa. Packed with sesame, black, sunflower, poppy and millet seeds, the dense loaf has a delicious, nutty flavour. $4.15.

Harbord Bakery Challah
An Annex institution since 1928, Harbord Bakery offers a version of this braided egg bread that is so moist, soft and sweet that it could easily double as a dessert. $3.99, 115 Harbord St., 416-922-5767.

Ace Bakery: Burger Rolls
Every burger lover knows that the meat is only half the story; the right bun must be soft but resilient, tender but tough. The bread wizards at Ace Bakery know this, too. Four-pack, $2.99.

Epi Breads: Pecan Fruit Loaf
Forget fruitcake. This loaf, loaded with currants, cranberries, dried apples and candied pecans, is perfect with fine cheeses, or toasted and smothered with peanut butter. $6.75.

Manoucher: Persian Noon
Serve this addictive Persian delicacy – flour-dusted and folded around basil, sheep’s milk cheese and garlic – as an app at your next dinner party. Buy enough, and you won’t even have to prepare a main dish. $4.99.

Brick Street Bakery: Walnut Sourdough
From the Distillery District comes this local, organic loaf – chewy, nutty, and damn near perfect. $5.75, 55 Mill Street Building 45A, 416-214-4949.

Image courtesy of Cassie Holmgren.


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  1. Your list of best breads may be good but not complete. This fall a new bake shop opened up at Broadview and Danforth – Dough Bakeshop. There breads are to die for. I think the cbc even did a feature on them.

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