Toronto’s Top 10 Burgers

Few foods are as divisive as hamburgers, so we’re wading into controversial territory with our take on Toronto’s top 10. Still, it must be done. If we missed a great one, let us know. Next week: part II of this series.

The Beaconsfield
The impossibly thick, slightly spicy patty comes with aged cheddar, roasted tomatoes and caramelized onions on a light, squish-able bun. The burger comes halved, so you can take in the sight of its meaty, juicy height. With salad and frites, $16. 1154 Queen St. W., 416-516-2550.

Royal Meats Barbeque
This is the place for seriously hearty Serbian-style burgers. The one-pound pork-and-veal patty comes on a house-made, lepinya bun, (much like a thick pita), topped with kaymak (cream cheese-like spread). Meal, $15.80. 710 Kipling Ave., 416-251-1144.

Craft Burger
Craft is quick and affordable, but fast food this is not. The flavours meld perfectly in the Craft Spicy, a six-ounce patty topped with caramelized onions and chipotle mayo. Meal, $10.15. 573 King St. West, 416-596-6660; 830 Yonge St. 416-922-8585.

The Queen and Beaver
Hand-chopped sirloin is mixed with bone marrow to make this rich burger. Throw on some house-smoked bacon and sharp Stilton cheese, and prepare for burger bliss, British-style. With chips, $17. 35 Elm St., 647-347-2712.

The Senator
This old-school diner defies expectations with a juicy, herby patty made with eight ounces of Cumbrae farms beef on a bakery-fresh bun. Spring for cheese and mushrooms ($1). With fries, $14. 249 Victoria St., 416-364-7517.

Image courtesy of Renée Suen


6 thoughts on “Toronto’s Top 10 Burgers”

  1. Have you tried the Burger at Liberty Bistro? They come fully loaded with hand cut fries tasty and juicy and it all starts in quality meat they use

  2. I ate at Royal Meats last night…and yeah it rocks but if part two doesn’t include the Burgers Priest at Queen and Coxwell then you’re missing the burger boat big time! Holy crap it’s delicious.

  3. Frank,
    You’ll notice there is a part 2 of the article that lists the burger’s priest.
    Keep it fresh, homie.

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