Your Beer Preference Says A Lot About Your Personality

Certain types of personalities prefer ales over lagers, according to a new study by OnePoll conducted for Founders Brewing Company. The research involved 1,000 beer drinkers and concluded that beer preference reveals a lot about a person’s character traits, reports the New York Post.

The typical beer drinker has stuck to their favorite brew for at least four years. The study found that lager drinkers, who prefer less hoppy beer, are easygoing and more apt to be sociable and goal oriented. Those who prefer lagers described the perfect Saturday night as going out with friends, while ale drinkers are more likely to stay home and watch Netflix.

Lager drinkers tend to work hard and show up to work on time. They also report having higher levels of stress. Ale drinkers tend to me happy with their jobs and generally feel fulfilled in life.

People who prefer lagers are more confident and more apt to enjoy meeting new people, but they worry more about their future than ale drinkers.

Meanwhile, 36 per cent are daunted by trying craft beers.

“Our portfolio has a little something for everyone, especially the lager and ale lovers and we hope to break down any resistance to trying new flavors, types and experiences with the right beer in hand,” said Mike Stevens, CEO of Founders. “This year we released Solid Gold as a way to introduce more lager drinkers to craft beer, but we also stand by the success of All Day IPA to offer the most sessionable ale.”

The study also revealed other beer drinking habits, such as the best time to have a beer (6:31 p.m. on a Friday) and whether taste is really important (over 50 per cent say it’s their number-one reason for choosing a particular beer).

Drinking beer is a great way to socialize, and 57 per cent of men surveyed said they like talking about sports while having a cold one. Forty-six per cent enjoy discussing  TV and films with their buddies while having a beer.

Stevens encourages beer lovers to not only drink responsibly but to also experiment with new beers if they haven’t done so in a few years.

“It’s never been a better time to be a beer lover,” he noted. “The quality and range of craft beer is so high you’re going to find something you like; whether that’s lager or ale, or an experimental beer like our barrel-aged series, push the boundaries, flex your palate and enjoy the journey.”

The differences between lager and ale drinkers:


  • Tend to be confident, on time, goal oriented, hard-working, more stressed, anxious about the future, and enjoy meeting new people
  • Average salary is $38,017
  • Prefer dogs over cats
  • Prefer sports to the arts
  • Typically exercise four hours a week
  • Like action, thriller and adventure films


  • Tend to be happier yet more easily frustrated, enjoy new challenges and being the center of attention, are bigger flirts and are more easily intimidated
  • Average salary is $41,318
  • Prefer cats over dogs
  • More likely to be into the arts
  • Typically exercise five hours a week
  • Like romantic, animated and documentary films
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