5 Incredibly Convenient Men’s Sun Protection Products

Slathering on sun protection has always been a sort of necessary evil, forcing men to endure a messy thirty minute application in exchange for safety from harmful UV rays. Thankfully, things have gotten a lot simpler. Today’s products buck the need for constant reapplications, fit in with your existing grooming routine, and streamline the process altogether so you can stroll into the sun without any irritation.

Super-light sunscreen that works all day

For your regular trek around the city, you’ll need something as strong as it is light—those reflective skyscrapers actually amplify the sun’s harmful effects. Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense is an all-around, face and body sunscreen that fits the needs of most urban males and should be worn under a daily moisturizer. A light, oil-free application helps prevent a build-up of dirt and car exhaust on your face, which can lead to clogged pores. A massive SPF factor of 50 ensures you’ll only need to apply it once, too, leaving you to worry about more pressing matters. Like sundress season.

All-in-one skin protection

Sun damages your skin like no other, leading to signs of premature aging and wrinkles. To keep the march of time at bay, consider a product that combines a high SPF factor, moisture control and age-minimizing ingredients all at once, such as this SPF 15 serum from SUNLEŸA. It uses soy peptide and willow leaf extracts to help repair and protect your skin’s stores of collagen, a protein that maintains your skin’s firmness and can break down as a result of prolonged sun exposure. Vitamin E and shea butter, on the other hand, help nourish your skin with added moisture.

An aftershave that prevents burns in more ways than one

If you think getting into the shower with a sunburn feels awful, try adding on razor burn. Aftershaves are a product you’d use anyway, so grab one with UVA/UVB filters for a convenient way to protect and repair your mug after a harsh razor session. NuBo’s Cell Dynamic Cooling Aftershave features a long-lasting SPF 20 and will quickly dissolve to calm any irritation with a revitalizing tingle. It also stimulates your skin’s protective mechanisms to repair and hydrate your skin, leaving it looking fresher and less tired over time.

Hairstyling with UV protection

Despite the fact that our heads receive more UV on average than the rest of our bodies, there are very few products out there that protect men’s hair and scalp from sun damage, which can lead to dryness and breakage. Less is More’s unisex Kieselwax offers a combination of natural sunscreen (in the form of Jojoba oil and actual beeswax) and strong texture with a matte finish. As any hair product you’d intend to wear this summer should, it stays malleable enough to run your fingers through.

The one-step shower solution

For the truly lazy among us, Kabana Organic Skincare’s Body Wash +UV uses jojoba oil with zinc oxide to create a layer of sun protection on your skin as you shower. A major benefit is that it can reach areas that you can’t easily apply sunscreen to, such as your scalp (you can use it as a shampoo if you’ve got shorter hair). It’s not the strongest stuff, however, but it’ll do the job for a short while if you didn’t pack stronger stuff.

And if you did get burnt —

— you can always turn to an after-sun treatment for sweet, sweet relief. For equal parts comfort and moisture, nab a tube of Korres’ Greek Yoghurt After-Sun Cooling Gel.

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Photo courtesy of paolo restifo.

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