An Ode to Espresso

I was never a smoker, although I do enjoy the odd cigar now and then, together with a nice glass of Lagavulin. Aside from that, there is really nothing that I eat, inhale or ingest that can truly be classified as a vice…except for espresso, which I drink wherever and whenever I can.

For espresso lovers, having a good espresso machine at home is an absolute must. I prefer machines that make more than one cup at a time and have a good milk steamer for cappuccinos and lattes. An automatic bean grinder is also a nice convenience. Above all, the machine has to look good.

The Italians invented espresso and in my view make the best machines on the market. Lavazza has always had a strong sense of design and the Espresso Point line has a good reputation of being reliable and easy to use. The brand also puts out a great sexy calendar like Pirelli does.

Saeco is another famous brand and the Villa model is a well-priced machine that is easy to use with a lot of great features.

Gaggia is one of the grander names from Italy with an extensive history of making heavy-duty machines. My favourite in the line is the Titanium, which is a great do-it-all automatic machine that also looks striking.

The Nespresso line of machines from Nestle is a well-designed alternative for a super quick espresso. The machines are based on a system of single serving capsules containing ground coffee available in a huge range of varieties. If you don’t mind single servings, this system is ridiculously easy to use and the machines look great. My personal favourite is the Cube line of machines with a classic no-nonsense design.

For the record, the machine we have at home is the Gaggia Titanium. I’m not saying that it is the best machine out there, but sometimes I’m lazy, enough said.

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