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The average person eats only approximately 10-12 foods on a regular basis.

Eating the same foods over and over is one of the most common ways to develop a food intolerance. Food intolerances are negative reactions to foods; symptoms can include nasal congestion, skin conditions, headaches, itchiness, lethargy and a variety of other symptoms.

It is thought that these conditions are brought on by a ‘leaky gut’ which is characterized by the passing of undigested food particles through the gut wall and into the liver. When your liver gets backed up from the many chemicals and pesticides so many of us consume, the undigested food particles end up making it to your general circulation which causes an immune response from your body.

One method of reducing the chances of developing intolerances to certain foods is to eat foods on a rotating basis. It’s generally accepted that food stays in your system for 48-72 hours, with an average of 55 hours. Therefore, eating your food on a four-day rotation works well for many people and has eliminated many of the symptoms associated with food intolerance.

An easy way to implement this is with a “training rotation plan,” which is much easier than a true rotation diet that requires monitoring foods by families (taxonomic relationships). With a training rotation plan, write down everything you eat and drink on a daily basis. Having a little notebook that you keep with you is the easiest way to keep track of the food you eat. At the end of the day you look at all the foods and don’t allow yourself to eat those foods for another 72 hours. For example, if you ate eggs, chicken, broccoli, olives, and drank orange juice on Monday, you would not eat or drink any of these foods again until Friday.

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