Dads are Fat


You’ve got a kid on the way—but you won’t get a dad bod, right?


Oh yes you will. A study in the American Journal of Men’s Health say so.


Researchers tracked more than 10,000 men over a twenty-year period. Researchers measured BMIs of the men during that time, controlling for things like income, race, education, age, and daily activity.


Men with children ended up fatter than men with no kids. Interestingly, men who had kids but didn’t live with said kids ended up somewhere in the middle. Fathers saw, on average, a 2.6% gain in their BMI thanks to having kids. The average childless man lost 1.6% of his BMI.

The Takeaway

Sorry, dads. Having kids means less time for the gym, not as many healthy meals, and what we can only assume is a staggering beer habit. But the love of your children makes up for you being fat—right?


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