Getting Blinded

We are currently working on a large office renovation in a great heritage building. The space is a large open concept with many windows towering 8’ high. While having so much glass lets in some much-needed light, it does present a challenge in controlling direct sunlight, especially given the number of monitors to be housed in the space.

The office will be receiving late day sunlight from the west and north, and so we are going with a vinyl coated polyester with a 3 percent solar block (typical ranges are 2 percent to 10 percent). We sourced the blinds from Solarfective in Scarborough who have a great colour selection. The product has an interesting woven texture which when ordered in the dual colour combinations can have some interesting depth in texture. The blinds can of course be installed with manual controls or with motorized rollers with hardwired switch and remote control capability. We have also designed a completely stand-alone glass-walled boardroom and have specified motorized blinds with blackout fabric in very smart graphite colour.

When we moved into our home, we inherited some tired-looking California style shutters and have been deliberating what to replace them with. Now we have a cat that has laid claim to every square inch of our place, notably all window ledges, so curtains are definitely out and the thought of trying to keep horizontal slats clean is a tad much. We had never considered vinyl coated polyester blinds, but we have some Chilewich placemats made of the same material, which we really like, so the choice for our blinds is a blindingly obvious!

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Image courtesy of Jaako.

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