Relax, Man: The Best Massage Chairs

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Every man needs a chair to call his own. Traditionalists opt for something in the La-Z-Boy style, but forward-thinking hedonists take it up a notch with a massage chair, combining comfort, relaxation and the disdain of your wife into one perfect piece of furniture. Here, our favourites.

1. Inada Sogno (pictured above)
Inada has led the Japanese market for nearly 50 years – and those folks tend to know their gadgets. This space-age beast (it weighs 250 lb) gives a head-to-toe massage, using 3-D rollers to emulate the wrists of a real live masseuse. US $6,800

2. Human Touch Canada Distinction HT-7450
This chair reclines to a zero-gravity position, taking all tension off your back. Accupoint technology locates acupressure points before you run through one of eight pre-programmed routines, including after-work stretch and morning wakeup. US $3,300


3. Panasonic SwedeAtsu™ Urban Collection EP-1285K
Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, this chair has four pre-programmed modes: Quick, Swedish, Shiatsu and Chiro. The Chiro mode is exclusive to the chair and is said to promote good posture. $3,300


4. Elite Optima Massage Chair
The Optima can sync its massage techniques to your music (think Air, not Slayer). It also claims to offer the strongest massage of all massage chairs, and the longest massage stroke – 30 inches. US $4,000


5. TherapistSelect™ Shiatsu One Massaging Cushion with Heat SBM-500H
Admittedly, the massage chair can be a tough sell. Until you’re ready for one, opt for this seat cover, which heats up quickly, making it easier for the rollers to give you a deep-penetrating Shiatsu massage. $230


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