How Stress Kills You

Step one: figure out how to calm down. Seriously—it could save your life.

A recent study by the European Heart Journal found that people who believe that they are stressed have twice the risk of dying from a heart attack or other coronary event.

The study examined nearly 8,000 adults, average age of 49.5 years. In over eighteen years of follow-ups, there were 352 coronary deaths or non-fatal heart attacks. After the study adjusted for social demographic characteristics, they found that subjects who reported that stress had an extreme effect on their health had a 2.12 higher risk of heart attack compared to those who did not cite stress as a health factor.

To parse that out a bit, people who knew that stress was contributing to poor health continued to tolerate the problem until it killed (or nearly killed them). So, what are you going to do about the stress in your life?

We recommend fly fishing.



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