Knock It Off!

It seems that these days, every little boutique furniture store has Asian-made reproductions of modern classics. Most clients asking to source either the originals or the knock-offs can describe the shape of these pieces, but don’t really have an idea as to the name of the piece or name of the designer. The following design crash course will help to wow your friends during the next dinner conversation:

Eames Lounge Chair
Designer: Charles & Ray Eames, USA
Year: 1956
Official Licensee: Herman Miller

The Wishbone Chair (CH24)
Designer: Hans Wegner, Denmark
Year: 1949
Official Licensee: Carl Hansen & Son

1006 Navy Side Chair
Designer: Emeco, USA
Year: 1944
Official Licensee: Emeco


Risom Lounge Chair
Designer: Jens Risom, Denmark
Year: 1941
Official Licensee: Knoll


Saarinen Executive Armchair
Designer: Eero Saarinen, Finland
Year: 1957
Official Licensee: Knoll

So there you have it, five of the most recognizable furniture design classics. Next week, I’ll bring you five more.

I know that it’s tempting to buy the reproduction of these pieces because they are just so damn cheap, but please check out the licensee manufacturer first. Remember the environmental aspect of shipping the products over here, not to mention the level of quality commensurate with those ridiculous prices. As with all things in life, there are no free lunches.

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