Montreal’s Best Paintball Spots

Finding somewhere for a completely unqualified, trigger happy dude to shoot a real gun in Montreal isn’t that easy. (Trust us: We looked.) Thankfully, Quebecers are crazy for paintball, which, let’s be honest, has its upsides over real guns (i.e. if you screw up, no one dies). Here, a primer on the city’s top spots.

Action 500 offers go-karting, laser tag and a massive indoor paintball field littered with crusty sandbags and beat-up school buses. Army buffs love paramilitary nights, on Wednesdays. They’ve also got tons of gear for rent and sale, including butt packs for extra ammo storage, and the insane $560 BT TM-7 automatic gun. 2025 Higway 440, Laval; 5592 Hochelaga St., 514-254-4244.

Laval’s Skorpion Paintball boasts two indoor synthetic grass fields, perfect for shooters who prefer strategy to mud. But outdoorsmen will opt for the 65,000 square foot exterior field, where dilapidated bunkers and hollowed-out cars simulate a war-torn country – in a good way. 4885 Highway 440, 450-688-8588.

At Arnold Paintball’s flagship facility in Havelock, traverse forts, rivers and fallen trees in its dense forest. Closer to town, in Lasalle, they’ve recreated the Wild West indoors, so you can climb two-storey buildings and navigate crumbling prisons and bridges. Havelock, 474 Covey Hill Way; Lasalle, 8132 Jean-Brillon, 514-592-5117.

With 33 playing fields, Paintball Mirabel’s claim – that it’s Canada’s largest paintball facility – seems credible. Its attention to detail, at least, is unparalleled: Storm the Normandy beach in a simulated WWII battle, or battle amongst crashed airplanes in the middle of a Quebec forest. Open year-round. 17650 rang Ste-Marguerite, 450-660-6635.

Image courtesy of Inky Hack on Flickr.


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