Montreal’s Fight Clubs

Several years ago, you might have guessed that MMA was a drug that kids took at rave parties. But mixed martial arts (MMA), a multi-disciplinary style of combat, has exploded in recent years, and not just as a spectator sport; training for MMA is among the most complete workouts you can find. This year, ditch the elliptical trainer and start fighting.

Tristar Martial Arts Centre
Tristar’s world-renowned trainers and variety of classes (boxing, kung fu, Muay Thai, kettle bell training) make it the city’s best fight club – and the gym of choice for pros like Georges St. Pierre, David Loiseau and Patrick Côté. 5275 Ferrier St., Suite 301, (514) 343-0148.

The Gelinas Academy of Mixed Martial Arts is another renowned do-it-all centre. No one is a better teacher of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu than Fabio Holanda, member of the famous Brazilian Top Team. 429 Mayor St., (514) 281-9928.

Reinitz Wrestling Centre

Get your ground game at the YM-YWHA’s Reinitz Wrestling Centre, home to national team coach and former Soviet Union champion, Victor Zilberman. 5400 Westbury Avenue, (514) 737-6551 ext. 256.

H2O Martial Arts Academy

Richard Ho, who recently signed on to TKO, Quebec’s UFC, teaches his tricks for dominating opponents at this gym, which he also runs. 1001 Lenoir St., Suite A-322, (514) 814-9006.

Grant Brothers Boxing

Who better to teach striking than the city’s most legendary boxer, Otis Grant? The Grant brothers serve the boxing community and beyond with famously relentless training sessions. 78-C Brunswick Blvd, (514) 421-1459.

Image courtesy Stefan Tell on Flickr.

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