Offbeat Sports for Offbeat Guys

Baseball is undeniably a classic sport, but that version most often played in local parks – involving softballs, beer and plenty of beer bellies – is pretty borderline. But if beer ball’s a sport, then surely these offbeat, newly invented or recently revived games are sports as well – and they may even be more fun than softball. Newbies are welcome; no beer belly required.

For the Hardcore: Bike Polo
Think polo without the polo shirts – or horses. This game is played on tricked-out two-wheelers as teams of three jostle to fire a rubber ball through opposing goal posts using homemade mallets. The game is fast and furious; epic collisions are inevitable. Pick-up games at Scadding Court. Visit here for details.

For the Hippy: Frisbee Golf
Rising green fees got you down? Trade in those golf clubs for a set of regulation golf discs – hard, plastic plates that scarcely resemble the frisbees you know. Like traditional golf, disc golf is all about completing 18 holes – in this case, baskets – as efficiently as possible Also like golf, different “clubs” require different techniques. Unlike golf, you can play for free at these courses throughout the GTA; the Island course is a highlight. Argyle socks are optional; a cooler bag full of brews is a must.

For the Hipster: Kickball
Agility meets irony in a rousing match of kickball, the grade-school fusion of baseball, soccer, and dodgeball. It’s not a new game, but the hipster revival is. Competitiveness is not strongly encouraged; outrageous costumes, however, are. 5:30 p.m., Sundays, Alexandra Park.

Image courtesy of AlexBCThompson.

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