Cool New Bikes

This Canadian winter was one of the warmest and driest since Environment Canada started keeping track some 65 years ago. For doomsayers, the unseasonably warm temperatures were proof of global warming: catastrophic climate change caused, in part, by carbon emissions from fossil-fuel burning cars. For others, the promise of year round warm … Read More

Getting World News Via Twitter

With its coverage of the first Gulf War now over two decades ago, CNN changed the way we consume the news. Around the clock, neatly groomed anchors delivered up-to-the minute updates, including live footage, from the conflict overseas. It was groundbreaking stuff, for a world accustomed to nightly newscasts and … Read More

Sleepwalk Guitar Festival in Toronto

Though internationally renowned for celebrating films and fashion, books and beer, food and fetishes — and the list goes on — until this year, Toronto didn’t have a festival that celebrated what is arguably the most popular non-percussion instrument in the world: the guitar. Presented by boutique indie-label Six Shooter … Read More

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