Sitting All Day Ruins Your Mental Health Too

Spending a lot of time sitting down is associated with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more. In fact, there’s never been a better time to look into a standing desk, or something like it. And here’s another reason: sitting all day puts your mental health at risk too.

A study published in Mental Health and Physical Activity has found that sitting for six or more hours per day increases the risk of anxiety and depression. Researchers collected data from 3,367 state government employees (who were part of a larger heath in the workplace program). Participants completed psychological assessments that looked for signs of anxiety and depression over a period of four weeks; they also completed a questionnaire regarding physical activity.

Turns out, there’s a strong relationship between sitting and psychological problems. People who sat for longer than six hours per day had more symptoms of anxiety and depression than those sitting less than three hours per day. More interestingly, people who spent time at the gym or playing sports weren’t immune to the effects of sitting.

So, consider a standing desk. Or go for walks. And if you’re feeling unwell, get help.

Photo courtesy of Flickr

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