SPONSORED Sport’s Greatest Wingmen

An editorial series sponsored by Pizza Hut Wingstreet.

Our series on history’s greatest wingmen wraps as we turn our eye to some memorable sports partnerships. From the hockey rink — where the best sidekicks are literally wingmen — to the baseball diamond, we present the duos that have dominated the competition.

Edmonton Oilers: Jari Kurri to Wayne Gretzky
The first Finnish superstar brought a dash of Euro to offset Gretzky’s unbridled Canadian-ness; he also might have even been even more soft-spoken than the Great One. After four Stanley Cups together, Gretzky left Edmonton for Los Angeles in 1991. Kurri followed him two years later, and in 1993, they took the Kings to their first Stanley Cup appearance, offering a reminder that no one can help you bury the biscuit like an old friend.

Chicago Bulls: Scottie Pippen to Michael Jordan
Pippen dished endless assists to His Airness for most of the ’90s, with the pair taking the Chicago Bulls to six championship rings. When they weren’t nailing the old one-two in the offensive end, they were dividing and conquering, with Jordan grabbing hang time while Pippen stonewalled the opposition.

New York Yankees: Lou Gehrig to Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth was a brash, hard-drinking ladies man. Lou Gehrig was humble; the consummate gentlemen and a perfect counterpart to the Babe. The two composed the heart of the Yankees’ feared “Murderer’s Row,” which swept back-to-back World Series in 1927 and 1928. And Gehrig — the Iron Horse — never missed a game, exemplifying one of the most important wingman qualities: reliability.

The series is now complete. Who’d we miss? Let us know who you think the best wingmen of all-time are and you could win a $25 gift card to Pizza Hut. Just respond with your nomination.

Thank you to all those others who submitted suggestions. Honourable mentions go to readers Kevin Robinson, Byron Armstrong and Jim Merdon  for their excellent suggestions.

Image courtesy of Ted Kerwin on Flickr.


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