The Online Testosterone Racket


You’ve probably seen online ads for testosterone and growth hormone, or even articles about it in lesser men’s lifestyle magazines. They say it’ll cure your “low T”, your “andropause”, or your “age-related hypogonadism”.


Those aren’t real things. Don’t buy testosterone or human growth hormone online.

An editorial in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society says that there’s a growing problem with online marketers playing fast and loose with the facts about testosterone supplements, which can cause someone who doesn’t need them financial hurt or serious physical problems.

Hypogonadism (when your testicles don’t produce enough testosterone) is a real disorder, and doctors prescribe testosterone to fix it. But it’s a disorder diagnosed by a doctor. And there’s no “age-related” version of hypogonadism. And all the things that hucksters say testosterone solves, like feeling out of shape, depressed, low energy, sleep problems, and more, have other causes.

The Takeaway

Point one: never, ever trust a magic bullet, especially in the health supplement field. There’s just too much bullshit out there.

Point two: think you have a health problem? That’s okay. Go visit a doctor. Visit a few if you want. Self-diagnosis is a terrible, terrible idea.

Point three: seriously, “age-related hypogonadism”?



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