Upper Body Strength Predicts Economic Ideology

Maybe there’s a psychological reason Arnold Schwarzenegger called Democrats a bunch of economic girlie men—aside from the fact that it was really, really funny.

A study published in Psychological Science suggests that a man’s economic ideology can be predicted by, of all things, the size of his biceps. Researchers gathered subjects from the US, Argentina, and Denmark. They were categorized by socioeconomic class, upper body strength, “fighting ability” (as measured by the size of their biceps—yeah, just go with it), and their response to a questionnaire about economic redistribution.

Rich men, who would benefit the least, were less in favour of redistribution, and poor men, who would benefit most, were more in favour—but only if they had large biceps. Men with smaller biceps were more open-minded than their big bicep brethren. The researchers controlled for political party. Women did not have the same relationship between strength and economic ideology.

So, it turns out that strong men are more likely to push hard for what benefits them most. Congress should figure out which side CT Fletcher is on, and then recruit him.



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