Vancouver’s One-Tank Camping Adventures

Vancouver offers some top-notch scenery, but nature isn’t nature if your BlackBerry’s buzzing. Before summer ends, fall off the grid for a weekend and go camping at one of these spots, our favourite campsites within a couple hours of home.

Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park

Just 210 km away.
These campgrounds, just north of Whistler, offer mind-melting mountain scenery. Spend your day by the lake, either sipping a Kokanee or fishing for the dwarf variety of sockeye salmon (plus rainbow trout), depending on your level of motivation. 604-986-9371.

Sasquatch Provincial Park
(pictured above)
Just 130 km away.
Choose among four lakes and three campsites at this park near Harrison Hot Springs. Keep your eyes peeled for the legendary Sasquatch, though you’re more likely to run into a (slightly) less rare species, like a bald eagle or a tailed frog. 604-986-9371.

Roberts Creek Provincial Park

Just 40 km plus a 40-minute ferry ride away.

It’s worth the ferry ride to reach this forested campsite on the Sunshine Coast. Hike along the coastline, and spot whales and seals as you forage for oysters and mussels. 604-885-3714.

Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park

Just 150 km away.
This Fraser Valley destination features old-growth forest, alpine ridges and a boating-friendly lake. This is a favourite destination of hardcore wilderness campers, as well as hunters. Brightly coloured clothing might be wise. 604-986-9371.

Image courtesy Mikey720 on Flickr.

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