Deck With Muskokoa Chair

Ontario Cottage Travel Tips

As the temperatures heat up, many urbanites flock to cottages and campsites to escape the steamy confines of the city. Before you head off to your own lakeside Shangri-la, it’s best to take a few steps of preparation and potentially avoid a massive headache. The first question you need to … Read More

Changing Your Body Clock

Are you an incorrigible night owl, walking like a zombie through the morning? Or are you an incurable morning person, in bed before midnight? The good news is that it isn’t really your fault—rather, it’s your gene’s fault. The bad news is that you can’t really change. In a study … Read More

MORV Explore Trailer

Like the idea of camping on the road, but don’t want bother with a full RV kind a deal? Relax, slightly, with this MORV explore trailer ($7,800). It’s lightweight, rugged, has a rooftop rack, and it has enough space to pack a grill and a cooler. Probably some other stuff … Read More

Scout Single Pole Tent

Not one for luxury camping? Can’t blame you. If you’d like to get back to the old-school camping of your 1890s youth, consarn it, consider the scout single pole tent ($1,000). It’s basically a big canvas with a single hickory and antique brass pole. A bunch of steel stakes make … Read More

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